Event Details

Waratah 2017

Fri 10th Nov 2017 (7.30pm) to Sun 12th Nov 2017 (2.30pm)
Don't Worry Oval
Moses St Windsor
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Participant ($50.00)
Adult Full Activity ($40.00)
Adult Part Activity (Free)
Open: Thu 26th Oct 2017 (7pm)
Close: Thu 26th Oct 2017 (9.30pm)
Shaun Lesslie
Waratah Activity Scout Fellowship
Brief Summary:
Waratah "the Tah Vinci Code" is a multi location event, held withing the Greater Sydney area. All Youth must register as a team, if you are short of a team please contact Administrator
Event Documents

  Download Waratah 2017 - Adult Part Event

This E1 is for those Adults helping out for a day or part of a day during the event, No meals provided.

  Download Adults Full Event E1

This E1 is for Adults who are attending the whole event and require catering

  Download Youth Participant E1

This form is to be used for all Participants, this can be sent electronically to gws.region@nsw scouts.com.au originals must be brought on day.

  Download Team Registration Form

This Form is for Team Leaders to complete and send in with their E1.

Additional Information

Waratah 2017 "The Tah Vinci Code" is a multi location competition event held in the greater sydney area, where navigation, code breaking and observation will win. The first to the finish line may not be the winner.

Information regarding the event will be sent via email after registrations close to the team leader and participants. 

In addition to to the registration, each participant must ensure they they have valid tickets(opal cards or single Journey tickets and student cards if theyare students) when riding on public transport. 

For more information please go to the Waratah Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/GWSWaratah/ 

All Entries must be sent to GWS HQ at 6 Baden Powell Pl, Winston Hills. Email gws.region@nsw.scouts.com.au prior to 12pm 21st October