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Gooches Crater (Navigation Skills)

Sat 28th Oct 2017 (9am) to Sun 29th Oct 2017 (3pm)
Bell Station
Chifley Road, Bell
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Participant (Free)
Open: Mon 20th Mar 2017 (9am)
Close: Sat 14th Oct 2017 (9am)
Brief Summary:
An entry level/medium grade overnight hike with a focus on navigation skills in controlled and intermediate environments. Suitable for Scouts and Venturers. ^ Cave camping available.
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  Download E1 form parts 1 and 2 Gooches Crater

Register each participant on Scout Event, download the form, complete it and send to Region Office by the closing date.

Additional Information


This overnight hike will focus on navigation skills and orientation in the landscape. The route is less defined in places. This provides an opportunity to practice the use of map and compass. We will demonstrate the use of GPS as a secondary reference. The route is located in rugged country and creek crossings will be encountered. There will be some practice walking off track.

Scouts who demonstrate capability will be placed into patrols and given some practice operating under remote supervision. This hike is suitable for entry level. One or more bushwalking guides will be available to provide support and instruction.

The creeks are ideal for a swim and cool down.

Gooches Crater is an natural amphitheatre located on a tributary of the Wollangambe River 7.5 km north east of the Clarence Trig Station and 6 km north west of Wollangambe Crater in the locality of Newnes Plateau. It is a unique crater like swamp feature, ringed by deeply cut pagodas, roughly oval in shape. Named in the memory of Nicholas Gooch who originally discovered the feature in 1978.   


Bell Station to Gooches Crater via Sandham Road

The distance is approx. 12 km return. Our pace will be slow at times due to the undulating landscape.


There are no costs except for self catering and transport.

Public transport is available to and from the venue.

Start and finish times correspond to train arrival and departure times from Bell Station on the Blue Mountains Line.


Cave camping is available at Gooches, those interested should still bring a fly in case we end up camping short of the location.

A small ground sheet and sleeping bag would be suitable. Boys and girls will be allocated seperate ends of the cave.

Cave camping is only available for youth members.