South Met Region Jamborette

Event Details
South Met Region Jamborette
Sun 2nd Jan 2022 (9am) to Sat 8th Jan 2022 (5pm)
Camp Coutts
Princes Hwy, Waterfall NSW 2233, Australia
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Youth Member - $700.00 ($300.00 deposit)
Helpers - Venturers, Leaders, Rovers and Adults - $200.00 ($100.00 deposit)
Open: Sun 10th Oct 2021 (3pm)
Close: Mon 15th Nov 2021 (12am)
Maximum 300 people
South Metropolitan Region
Brief Summary:
The purpose of this Camp is to try and provide an opportunity for our eligible youth members to experience a Jamboree-like camp.
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Additional Information

With the cancellation of Australian National Jamboree AJ2022 in Victoria, local South Metropolitan Region Scout Leaders are working hard to develop a fun and adventurous Region Jamborette for our youth members who would otherwise would miss-out on a National Jamboree, The Jamborette will provide a range of exciting activities, within a week-long camp. Scouts will be camping in Units of 24 Scouts & 4 Leaders.

National Jamboree’s occur every three-years and most youth members are normally only eligible for one. The next Australian National Jamboree will be in January 2025.

Current off-site activities being planned, include:

• Water Activities Day • Sydney City Adventure Day • Jamberoo Action Park Daytrip

Current on-site activities being planned, include:

• Adventurous Activities (Mountain Biking, Bushwalks, Water Course and Abseilling etc) • Gangshow performance & creative arts skills • Environment projects & skills

These activities are subject to change, as we approach the event the details of the program will be further finalised, with a better understand of current restrictions.


Born between 2 January 2005 and 7 January 2010 inclusive (i.e. minimum age of 12 years old and not had your 16 th birthday by the end of the Jamborette)


Feeling Safe - Your Rights - A message for our youth

Everyone in Scouts, youth and adults alike have the right to feel safe and be protected from abuse.  No-one is allowed to threaten you, hurt you or touch you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, unsafe or afraid.

A Scout is respectful and this applies to all interactions between all participants, youth and adult here at Jamborette 2022.

You do not have to deal with abuse on your own.  If you feel unsafe, threatened or you see/hear something that causes you concern, please speak to a Leader. Your concerns will be taken seriously and the information you provide will be shared with people who can support and protect you.

If, for any reason, you do not feel the concerns of this nature which you raised, have been satisfactorily dealt with, please report your concerns directly to the Child Protection Team at the NSW State Office on: Tel: 02 9735 9000 or via or your parents.

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South Metropolitan Region

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