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43rd GWS Jamborette - "Kingdoms and Empires of the Universe"

Event Details
43rd GWS Jamborette - "Kingdoms and Empires of the Universe"
Fri 11th Jun 2021 (5pm) to Mon 14th Jun 2021 (3pm)
Cataract Scout Park
Baden Powell Drive, Appin
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LR - Fellowship Member (Camping) ($45.00) ($45.00)
NDIS Worker - Part Event ($15.00)
Refund minus Admin Charge (Approved by Tracey) ($5.00)
Casual Visitor (COVID-19 Application) (Free)
Fee Exempt (Approved by Tracey) (Free)
LR - Scout (Camping) ($55.00) ($55.00)
LR - Venturer (Camping) ($45.00) ($45.00)
LR - Leader (Camping) ($45.00) ($45.00)
LR -Rover (Camping) ($45.00) ($45.00)
LR - Other Adult (Camping) ($45.00) ($45.00)
LR - Day Visitor ($10.00) ($10.00)
Open: Thu 4th Feb 2021 (12am)
Close: Fri 7th May 2021 (6pm)
Brief Summary:
Throughout time and space, mighty empires have grown and kingdoms have thrived in peace for many thousands of years. Come and join us for a weekend of fun and adventure at the 43rd Region Jamborette as we explore the Kingdoms and Empires of the Universe!
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Event Documents

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Additional Information

After a brief pause due to the pandemic, Jamborette is back!


Activity Overview

The camp runs from Friday evening until 2:00pm Monday Afternoon and will be held at Cataract Scout Park near Appin.  This year, participants will explore the great kingdoms throughout time and through the universe! Think the Animal Kingdom, Ancient Greece, The United Federation of Planets, Aggrebah, Saudi Arabia, Disc World and much more - Who knows what is around the corner...


Who can come

The event is open to all Scout Aged participants (11 to 15) who are registered with, or transitioning into a Scout Troop at the time of the event.  Venturers, Rovers, Leaders & Fellowship members are welcome to attend and asked to put together some amazing activities for the weekend.

We strongly encourage groups outside of Greater Western Sydney Region to apply to attend the event and we would love to have you join us subject to COVID requirements and overall numbers of the event.

This is not a Cub Fun Day year, which means that Cub Scouts will not be attending Jamborette 2021. The Cub Section has some great activties planned for all Cub Scouts later in the year.



All participants will be camping in self-sufficent unit campsites spaced around the park. Camp sites will be clustered by distrct and section and will allocated by Jamborette HQ ahead of the event. Units should not assume that they will be camping in the same locations as previous years. 

Catering for this event is organsied within the Unit and will be subject to additoinal fees as determined by each unit. Your unit leaders will be able to provide more information on this and the cost will be reflected in the e-permission form that is sent to your e-mail address.

Camping and Catering will be subject to stringant COVID restrictions at all times (See COVID-19 Considerations below).


Membership Requirements

All members must remain financial and registered within ScoutLink from the time applciations close until the end of the event. 

All service and line leaders over the age of 18 must be cleared by Scouts Australia NSW to work with children and young people prior to the start of the camp. This includes any adult helpers who must have submitted an A2 form and been accepted by the group prior to the event closing date.


Activity Bases

Each district/group/unit who wishes to run an activity base should download the attached Activity Plan and Risk Assesment forms from the documents section above. These documents must be filled out and e-mailed back to Jamborette by the closing date.  Make sure that your Risk Assessment includes items that cover how your base will run under COVID-19 restrictions (Think about things like physical distancing, wiping down equipment and surfaces between users, avoiding eating challenges etc). Remembmer if you get stuck, that is OK, just reach out and ask!


COVID-19 Considerations

 We are excited to be running Jamborette again and hope that you will join us for this weekend. However as with all activtiies currently being planned for 2021 and into the future, we need to take into account the evolving situation with the COVID-19 Pandemic. This means that there will be changes to how we run Jamborette this year, up to and including having to cancel this event at short notice. Please regulary check back to this page where we will provide any updates on how COVID will affect our ability to run Jamborette.


Please do not attend Jamborette 2021:

  • If you are unwell, or are showing symptoms of COVID-19 we ask that you stay home, self-isolate and get tested. For more information on COVID-19 and testing, please visit Our refund policy allows that any person who stays home and provides medical evidence (Including a COVID-19 test) will recieve a refund for this event.
  • If you have vistied a COVID-19 hotspot as identified by the NSW Government within the 14 days prior to this event. Information on COVID-19 Hotspots, both within NSW and Interstate can be found at
  • If you have been diagnosied with COVID-19 or otherwise and have been directed to Quarrentine or Self-Isolate by the NSW Government or a Medical or Healthcare Professional.


Registrations Closed