Event Details

Penrith City Monopoly Run

Sun 23rd Feb 2020 (9am to 5.30pm)
Lethbridge St Scout Hall
21 Lethbridge St, Penrith NSW 2750
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Participant ($10.00)
Staff (Assigned by District Commissioner Only) (Free)
Open: Fri 24th Jan 2020 (12am)
Close: Sat 22nd Feb 2020 (12.01am)
Brief Summary:
Will you pass go? Will you collect $200? Will you go directly to Jail? A fun filled photo scavenger hunt in the Penrith Area for all sections to celebrate Founders Day!
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Additional Information

For Founders Day 2020, Penrith City District is introducing a great new activity - the Penrith City Monopoly Run!

We have turned key locations within the greater Penrith CBD into Monopoly Board Squares. Your teams job is to travel around by foot or bus (No Bikes, Scooters or Cars - Sorry Guys) and find each of our key locations.

When you are there, take a photo of your team and send it to us - If you are the first team to arrive, you have the option of buying the location and earning rent from other teams - otherwise you will need to pay rent :(

The team with the most money at 4:00pm wins!

Following the event, we will all join together back at the Lethbridge St Scout Hall for a BBQ Dinner.

This event is a full uniformed event and teams will be made up of 4-7 team members from mixed sections.  Teams will be made up on the day.

Parents and Families are welcome to attend.  Parents of Cubs and Joeys must attend unless they are willing to have thier kids supervised by a Venturer or Rover.

Bring your own Lunch, Opal Card and Snacks. Cost of event is for dinner and trophies.