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Cuboree - GWS Polar Base Information meeting

Sat 2nd Nov 2019 (9am) to Sun 3rd Nov 2019 (12pm)
Bundilla Scout Camp
6 Baden Powell Place, Winston Hills NSW 2153
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Lunch & afternoon activities (Payment on the day) ($5.00)
Morning information session only (Free)
Open: Wed 25th Sep 2019 (6pm)
Close: Fri 1st Nov 2019 (11pm)
Brief Summary:
This is a meeting for all Service Leaders and Junior Service Leaders that are attending Cuboree and have been assigned to work on the GWS Polar Ecosystem base.
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Additional Information

The purpose of this meeting is twofold. Firstly, it will allow all service leaders the chance to meet with other members you will be working with on Polar Base and secondly, the junior service leaders will have the opportunity to give input on the plan for the base, meet the adult service leaders and to run some bases for the GWS Region Cubs attending the Pre Cuboree Camp. The bases to be run are not the same as the bases at Cuboree. These are simple bases to be used to practice running bases with the cubs.

There are two Pre-Cuboree Camps. The first is on 26-27 October 2019. The second is on 2nd & 3rd November 2019.

26-27 October - Everyone -please bring $5 for food on 26th October if you are staying for lunch.

26th October – 9am-12 noon – meeting of all available adult and youth service leaders. Polar Base Manager Tracey Hansford (Tracey) will be onsite for 26 October from 9am – 5pm. Sandy Knox (Platypus) will be assisting.

1.00 set up activity bases

1.30-5.00pm – run activity bases

5.00pm – Go home (Please note, this is not an overnight activity for SL & JSL working on the base, due to the high number of Cubs & Leaders camping overnight for their pre-Cuboree shakedown camp.)

27th October 2019 – if you wish to return on Sunday, please let us know in your reply. A base will operate between 9-10.30 am followed by Morning Tea and finish up.

2-3 November 2019 - please bring $5 for food

This weekend – Sandy Knox (Platypus) will be looking after the Junior Service Leaders. If you were unable to attend the first camp, please select this camp. The adult leaders will not be present for this camp. Platypus will brief those who were not able to attend on the 1st weekend. Junior Service Leaders are welcome to attend both weekends if they wish to do so. If you have not attended the orientation meeting on 27th, please come at 10am to hear about the base operations and plan before helping to set up and run the activities for the cubs on camp. (Set up 1pm – Bases 1.30 – 5pm)

Cuboree 2020

At the meeting, information will be provided on the Polar Bases and the aims and expected outcomes for the 6 polar activity areas. We will discuss the bump in date for Adult and Junior Service Leaders and any work that may be required to make our base super coooool. We will also be looking at set up and pull down crews.

Those allocated to Circus base will be required to attend some additional training days in late November prior to Cuboree.

One of the other bases will require two safety training sessions pre Cuboree for those allocated to this activity.

You will be given a sneak peek at the plan of the base and the fabulous coooooool activities up for grabs.

See you on the 27th. If you are unable to attend either weekend, please let me know. Please note, this is not an overnight activity for SL & JSL working on the base, due to the high number of Cubs & Leaders camping overnight for their pre-Cuboree shakedown camp. If you need to stay overnight at the camp, please let me know.

Regards, Tracey