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Waratah 2019: I'm A Venturer - Get Me Out Of Here!

Fri 8th Nov 2019 (7pm) to Sun 10th Nov 2019 (4pm)
Greater Western Sydney Area
To Be Advised
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Girl Guide ($65.00)
Scout (13.5 and Over) ($65.00)
Venturer (18 and Over) ($65.00)
Venturer (Under 18) ($65.00)
Cleared Parent / Adult Helper ($40.00)
Rover / Leader / Fellowship Member ($40.00)
Official Use ONly ($10.00)
Camp Chief Use Only (Free)
Open: Thu 1st Aug 2019 (12am)
Early Bird Close: Fri 27th Sep 2019 (11.59pm)
Close: Sun 27th Oct 2019 (6.59pm)
Waratah Activity Scout Fellowship
Brief Summary:
Waratah is the annual GWS Region Venturer Competition Camp, held in mid-November of each year. Its aim is to provide participants with a large multi-faceted problem that requires Venturer Scouts to use a wide variety of Scouting Skills to solve. It is also a chance for participants to socialise in a unique and fun-filled environment. The event is fully catered from Saturday Breakfast to Sunday Lunch. For more information about Waratah please visit https://greaterwestscouts.com.au/venturers/waratah
E-Permission Activated
Additional Information

Venturers is all about learning by doing. It is about practicing skills and then applying them to practical situations.

Waratah allows Venturers to put these skills into practice by delivering an unique, custom built, multi-faceted problem full of twists and turns that will test participants skills to the limit.

Of course such an event should also be fun and we build in activities, stunts and gimmicks to ensure that our participants walk away from this event with great experiences, new friends and the satisfaction of having achieved the Challenge of a Lifetime.

GWS Waratah is one of the largest and fastest growing annual events in Scouts Australia. While GWS Region takes pride in building and running this event, Waratah is open for all Venturers, Guides and in most years, Scouts over the age of 13.5 to come and experience this truly awesome and awe-inspiring event.

Waratah is back in 2019 with one of our wackiest and scariest challenges yet!

This year, Venturers will be escorted to a location deep in the Australian Bush (Well as deep as you can get in western sydney) and will be required to survive without lifes luxuries as we push them outside of thier comfort zone.

There will be challenges, there will be gross food, there will be tears, triumphs and tantrums... all in the name of seeing who will be the first to yell.... I'm A Ventuter, Get Me Out Of Hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

How to register your team for Waratah:

  1. Get your team of between 4 and 7 participants together. Don't forget that each team can have up to 2 Scouts over the age of 13.5
  2. Decide who is going to be your team leader. Your team leader must be a Venturer Scout.
  3. Get each person to pay the $65 registration fee to your team leader.
  4. Register your team on this site, make sure you enter your parents email address so that they get the e-permission form.
  5. Ensure that each team member has completed the e-pemission form.
  6. Ensure that any Venturer over the age of 18 has been approved by their Unit Council and has a valid WWCC checked by Scouts NSW.
  7. Send your team payment via EFT as per the information on the invoice. 

Remember that each team MUST only have 1 team registration with one corresponding EFT Payment.  Teams that do not follow this rule will incur a 25 point penalty in the competition. We are more than happy to answer any question either sent through this site, our Social Media sites or to waratah@greaterwestscouts.com.au

Leaders, Rovers, Fellowship and Supporters

  1. Decide who from your formation is coming to Waratah this year.
  2. Create one registration that contains every Leader, Rover, Registered Supporter or Fellowship Member in your formation. Make sure you enter the correct e-mail address as that is where the e-permission form will be sent.
  3. Ensure that everyone you wish to register is a member of Scouts Australia with a valid WWCC clearence (Young Adult, Leader or Adult Helper)
  4. Send one payment via EFT as per the information on the invoice.

It is important that the amount you EFT matches the amount on the invoice.

Please note that this year, the application process incudes a question relating to fears and phobias. This is a legitimate question as we will be (safely) pushing Venturers to the limt. We need to be aware of any fears to avoid designing any activity that may cause genuine distress. All participants will have the ability to safely opt out of any activity provided at Waratah 2019.