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Jamison Valley Bushwalking Practice 3 day

Sat 13th Apr 2019 (8am) to Mon 15th Apr 2019 (6pm)
Katoomba Station
Goldsmith Place, Katoomba
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Participant (Scout, Venturer, Rover, Leader) (Free)
Open: Tue 5th Feb 2019 (12am)
Close: Sat 6th Apr 2019 (8am)
Brief Summary:
Join us for one of the classics. Practice essential skills for multi day hikes. Ideal for scouts preparing for blue and green cord hikes. Based in the Blue Mountains National Park - Jamison and Kedumba Valleys. Less known route, remnants of indigenous, local mining and farming history. Some steep sections. We may detour via Lion Pass. Start will be either Katoomba or Wentworth Falls station. Approx 35 km. Participants will be accompanied by an adventurous activity guide or instructor.
Event Documents

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Additional Information

This route is likely to include fire trail, walking track and some off track. Track grades are medium & hard with some extended steep ascent/decent sections. We recommend this for youth members who have already completed at least one overnight hike & who are comfortable carrying a loaded pack. This involves extended strenuous physical activity and endurance.

Jamison Valley Loop via Katoomba, Federal Pass, Ruined Castle, Cedar Gap, Korowal Knife Edge, Chinamans Gully, The Col, Kedumba River, Kedumba Farm, Kedumba Valley Road, Waterboard Gate, Kings Tableland, Wentworth Falls.

Bring your own food supply for 3 days. Campsites may be informal clearings with no facilities. A freestanding tent or lightweight fly is advised. Ground may be firm and space limited. Views in the morning should be rewarding. No formal toilet facilities, prepare for bush toileting and hygiene. Toilets are only available at certain locations on the route.

All adult participants must have a minimum of level 1 bushwalking qualifications.