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Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous - Overnight Canoe Journey Scouts and above L2 and above.

Sat 1st Sep 2018 (8.30am) to Sun 2nd Sep 2018 (3pm)
Rowland Reserve, Bayview NSW
Pittwater Road, Bayview NSW
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Participant ($65.00)
GWS Region Canoe/Kayak Guide (Free)
GWS Region Water Activities Team Member (Free)
Open: Thu 3rd May 2018 (12am)
Close: Sun 26th Aug 2018 (11.58pm)
Maximum 12 people
Brief Summary:
A great overnight 30km paddle through the domain of the rich and famous on fabulous Pittwater. Staying overnight at beautiful "the Basin" campground we will take the Scenic Route and return to Bayview via Scotland Island on Sunday afternoon. Suitable for Level 2 paddlers and above or Scouts wishing to cover a Blue Cord or Red Cord Journey.
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Event Documents

  Download Weather forecast example

You will need a weather forecast for the dates.

  Download Information about The Basin

Detailed information about the facilities

  Download Boating Map Pittwater

Participants should purchase this map from RMS for use on the journey

  Download General Packing List

An example of a packing list. Think of this as a lightweight hiking camp.

  Download Packing List Example

Another packing list for contemplation

Additional Information

A great overnight 30km paddle through the domain of the rich and famous on fabulous Pittwater. Staying overnight at beautiful "the Basin" campground we will take the Scenic Route and return to Bayview via Scotland Island on Sunday afternoon. Suitable for Level 2 Scout or Lvl 2 or above SIS qualified paddlers or Scouts wishing to cover a Blue Cord or Red Cord Journey or Venturers looking for an Outdoors sign off.

Scouts must have the recommendation of their leader to participate and have sufficient skills to maintain an average 4-5 kph paddling rate (which menas you can paddle a boat in a straight line and have had a few experiences in canoes on your log book).  The hike is self-catered. Have a look at the documents attached for ideas on other things you might need.  Remember to bring a weather report and be prepared to talk about the effects of the weather on Canoe Journeys. Water shoes and lifejackets are mandatory and must be worn at all times during the Canoe Hike whilst on the water or beaches.

We will meet at Rowland Reserve Boat Ramp, Bayview at 8.30am for a 9.30am start. After unloading the canoes from the trailer and loading our gear into the canoes, we will depart on our incredible water adventure. Hopefully we will learn some water navigation skills and some ways of dealing with strong tidal flows, sea planes, super yachts, super motor boats and all things rich and famous along the way.

Day 1  16kms -  There is nothing better than a Spring paddle on Pittwater.  Sparkling water, fabulous surroundings and sandy beaches abound. Pittwater presents a wide range of activities and challengers to suit every level of paddler. From the sheltered waters of Bayview or McCarrs Creek to the open waters off Palm Beach, Pittwater is an exciting area to paddle. Flanked on one side by the Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park, you can explore little bays and coves or paddle across to Scotland Island which Governor Phillip originally named Pitt Island. 

From Bayview, we will travel on the ocean side of Pittwater passing by many of the beautiful beaches where we will find a good spot to stop for morning tea.  We will continue on until we reach Sand Point where we will cross the Pittwater and head for our overnight camp site at “The Basin”.
The campsite has hot showers and flushing toilets. (Refer to The Basin information sheet in the documents.  After we secure our campsite we might go for a short paddle up toward the mouth of the Hawkesbury River for a short paddle to explore the local area.)

We will return to the Camp around 5pm and begin dinner preparations.  After dinner we might go for a walk to see what animals are about and maybe play a board game, so if you have something small that you enjoy playing, bring it along.  We might go for a bit of a night paddle if everyone is up for it!

Day 2 14kms – Breakfast will be early today at 7.00 am so we can clean up, pack up and load the boats ready to leave by 8.30 am. On our return journey we will learn about the economies of paddling, learning to paddle to a race line (travelling the shortest distance possible) and how to catch runners (Waves) to give you a boost along!  We will travel back to Bayview on the Hawkesbury side of the Pittwater today and take a good look at Scotland Island and the homes on Lovatt and Elvina Bay.  All of these residents only have boat access to their homes!

Participants will need to self-cater on this journey and should pack as if travelling on a lightweight hike. Make sure you bring a packed lunch including a drink and some healthy snacks like fruit or nuts, with you for Saturday!  You will be hungry if you need to wait until after we set up camp to make your lunch.  Understand that cups of soup, sweets, chips and 2 minute noodles are not satisfactory foods for this hike.  You can plan to carry an esky between a group of paddlers and keep your perishables in it. Ensure all food is packed in sealed containers to avoid unwelcomed visits from wildlife!

You are reminded that night temperatures in Spring can drop to around 9-12 degrees but day temperatures on the water are generally around 18-25 degrees so you will need to bring some warm clothing that can easily be removed when paddling.

A lightweight camping list is provided for your guidance in the documents.  You will need to load gear into waterproof bags (Sea to Summit Dry Sacks (anaconda) or similar type of dry bag or a sealable barrel). Don’t forget your towel (at a minimum you will need it to dry yourself) and your water shoes for getting in and out of the boat. You will need a hike stove and something to light it!  A small hike tent is suitable, or if attending with friends you could plan to share a larger tent i.e. 4 man.

Pack a raincoat/wind jacket, and at least 1 warm jumper, long pants, socks and enclosed shoes for around the camp site at night.  Ensure you have something warm for night time and a sleeping mat to insulate from the cold ground.  Recommend 0 degree sleeping bag and good quality hiking tents.

Boating maps are available for purchase for a nominal fee from RMS website below. They are a vital tool for negotiating NSW waterways and include handy hints for safe boating. The maps are printed on special waterproof paper and can be viewed below before purchasing. To buy a map, contact your local registry or service centre, or order boating maps online The map for this journey is Waterways Map 9A – Pittwater  http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/maritime/using-waterways/maps/boating-maps.html#HawkesburyRiver/BrokenBay